Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slide Share

Slide Share allows "individuals and organisations (to) upload presentations to share their ideas, connect with other, and generate leads for their businesses." (SlideShare, 2009).

As I connected to SlideShare, I found the process very easy, although time consuming when creating my own slide show. I therefore searched in the Education section of this site and found some really interesting videos that could be used in the classroom. Above is one that I thought would be engaging for an English lesson.

Students could use this tool to create their own presentations for assessment, they could show the relevant visual materials as well as embed their own voices relating to the information they have researched.

Marzano and Pickering (1997) suggest that when tasks are constructed with a variety of interesting materials, students are more likely to be engaged, hence more effective learning will take place.

SlideShare is yet another interactive ICT tool which could be incorporated successfully in the classroom.




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SlideShare. (2009). What is SlideShare?. [Electronic resource]. ( Retrieved 20 August 2009.

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