Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blogs and Aggregators

Setting up a blog for the first time, was for me (a technical dud!), quite an easy process. A blog allows the user to connect to the cyber-world in an endeavour to express their feelings and knowledge on particular matters to the web community. It can be a great educational tool both personally and in the classroom, especially when the user is connected to other professional blogs from area experts.

It is however, exhausting, searching for blogs inside the WWH (World Wide Haystack). This is where RSS Aggregators come in handy. These devices are used to attach the user to others’ blogs that are the most relevant to them, and provide updates of blogging action without the user having to go a search for it. Before the commencement of this course, I had, like many others, no idea that this contraption even existed. What a simple way to keep up to date with the information you need. Hence the name Really Simple Syndication!

Blogs and Aggregators would be a great way to connect your students to professional information in the classroom. It could also be used to connect to each other, to share experiences and ideas, even record the students’ journal writing rather than using the age old pencil and paper. Of course, it would be the Learning Manager’s responsibility to monitor the postings on each student’s blog, ensuring that harassment and bullying were not occurring.

Bring students together and allow them the opportunity to communicate in their own way.

Try Google Reader to follow other peoples blogs!


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