Wednesday, August 19, 2009

File Storage

"Digital media has changed; rich media and large documents require larger files and more storage space. That's where MediaFire comes in. MediaFire allows you to store all your files online for easy secure access and enables you to distribute large files to hundreds or thousands of peoples without clogging inboxes or bogging down your website." (MediaFire, 2009).

After using MediaFire to download one of my current files, I can see this would be a reliable and beneficial way for teachers to store their own documents and share them with other teachers within the school. Though, I fail to see the uses this site possess for students. As I trolled this site, there were many, let's say distasteful ads, that popped up quite regularly. Of course, the school could get rid of these ads, if the students were to use this site, but this is for a cost, and we are all aware of the limited finances that Education Queensland schools have.

Has anyone used this website in their classrooms, I would enjoy hearing how you incorporated it and if it was successful.




MediaFire. (2009). [Electronic resource] ( Retrieved 19 August 2009.

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